So, there will soon be a new podcast about iPhone photography with your hosts

Jack Hollingsworth, Greg McMillan, Joanne Carter, and Kate Hailey

The concept of The iPhone Photography Show is a work in progress and the content is not finalized yet, but here’s what we’re working on so far:

Shooting Stars

Inspiring interviews with both high profile and everyday iPhone Photographers.


Recipes (for better iPhone Photos)

Tips, tricks and techniques to help you raise your game in iPhone Photography.
Each episode will focus on a single genre including portrait, landscape, macro, architecture, everyday travel, lifestyle, family, etc.



Insider secrets on best-of-class capture, editing and sharing apps, and the developers behind them.


What’s In My Camera Bag

Practical reviews of gear and accessories for iPhone Photographers


Apple of My Eye

Apple News



Stuff we and our peers have created to help you thrive in your iPhone Photography, such as eBooks, courses, workshops, seminars, blogs, etc.